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Riedel partners with PIDSO to provide broadband solution for DTM

Riedel Communications and PIDSO companies have designed and installed a broadband audio communications system for DTM, which integrates antenna technology from PIDSO with Riedel’s MediorNet real-time network. It will enable a media distribution backbone for TV production units, the IT production infrastructure, race control, car manufacturers’ hospitality areas, and racetrack video walls.

Based on specialised IP radio technology, the broadband audio system enables radio communications from all vehicles with heightened voice quality. The solution, with an integrated wireless data transmission system, requires special antennas for optimum radio transmission and reception. The data is then converted and transmitted via the MediorNet backbone.

“The ability to hear drivers’ comments brings excitement to television viewers; one recent example is the emotional outburst of Timo Glock after the second race in Hockenheim,” said Christoph Kienmayer, founder and M D of PIDSO. The system is supported by rugged, aerodynamic, and lightweight monopole blade antennas for wireless transmission. Riedel and PIDSO conducted preliminary research and vehicle simulations to determine the optimum positioning of the blade antennas, enabling them to operate smoothly with all other race systems, such as GPS, video, and garage radio.

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