PVR Cinemas adopts barco sound in delhi

First Auro 11.1 setup in north India | Digital cinema leader Barco recently announced the completion of its immersive sound technology Auro 11.1 at PVR multiplex in Tagore Garden, New Delhi.

The project also marks the first installation of the Auro 11.1 technology in northern India. With 1,116 seats and six screens, PVR Pacific Mall is one of the most popular destinations for movie aficionados in New Delhi. It has deployed the immersive sound technology in Auditorium 4 of the multiplex.

Auro 11.1, based on three axes (width, depth and height) reproduces a stunning sound experience, in which sounds are truly coming from all around and above. The result is true-to-life sound reproduction, enabling the audience to position sound sources correctly in space without the need for more expensive solutions requiring extremely high channel counts and more amplification“In our search for a technological edge that could amaze our patrons while strengthening the brands position as one of the hotspots for movie lovers, we couldn’t ignore Barco’s immersive sound technology,” explains Tarun Mazumdar, vice president – engineering at PVR Cinemas. “We are confident that this investment marks the first step towards a bright future for PVR.”

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