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Pebble Beach Systems to demonstrate integration with Singular.Live on its Orca platform, at IBC, 2018

Pebble Beach Systems, a leading automation, content management and integrated channel specialist, will demonstrate the integration of Singular.Live cloud-based graphics, with Orca: its virtualised playout solution. Orca supports multiple graphics packages from third parties, thus, giving broadcasters a range of choices to fit their workflow requirements.

Singular.Live is an HTML5 graphics authoring platform, which allows designers to create, control and play out broadcast quality graphics from a standard web browser. It is cloud based and requires no software or dedicated hardware. It includes an expanding library of over 70 graphics packages and widgets.

Stuart Wood, technical product specialist, Pebble Beach Systems, commented, “This integration enables overlaying real time HTML5 graphics with content derived from Pebble’s Marina automation playlist, or from moderated social media feeds and other online data sources. With Marina controlling the timing of the graphics, these can be scheduled from traffic, or the manual control interface can be used by a studio during a live event.”

The integration allows for multiple HTML5 render instances to be used in the same pipeline or channel configuration, to suit multiple applications. For example, the branding can be different on a broadcaster’s OTT platform and linear channels but can use the same triggers and data from the automation system. Marina can also trigger client-side graphic branding or advertising for online streaming, to display interactive personalised graphics to drive viewer engagement.

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