Orange Events has added Riedel’s Bolero and MediorNet products to rental stock.

Orange Events, Malaysia’s event management company, has expanded its rental inventory with Riedel Communications’ Bolero wireless intercom and MediorNet real-time media network products. With MediorNet providing integrated audio, video, and data communications backbone, Bolero will enable customers with an integrated, point-to-point communications ecosystem and seamless roaming capabilities.

MediorNet real-time media network allows redundant and decentralised signal routing and transport, while Bolero wireless intercom provides comprehensive communications for crew and performers at any type of media event.

Riedel’s Bolero is an expandable, roaming, DECT-based intercom system in the license-free 1.9 Ghz frequency range. Bolero offers a wireless belt-pack, key-panel, and a walkie-talkie radio. It is equipped with a clear voice codec that facilitates speech intelligibility and use of RF spectrum, thereby supporting twice the number of belt-packs per antenna for the same audio bandwidth as other DECT-based systems.

“Orange Events’ selection of Bolero and MediorNet is an example of Riedel’s expansion across Asia. We hope that our customers will benefit from Bolero and MediorNet’s feature sets, reliability, and ease of use,” said Rajveer Singh, GM, Riedel Communications.

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