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the-boxOTT STBS to outpace IPTV-based STB market by end 2015: IHS technology

The growing influence of over-the-top (OTT) has become clearly evident with the release of the recent study of IHS Technology research on the settop box (STB) market. According to its report, 31 million retail OTT STBs will have shipped in 2015 compared to 30 million from the IPTV sector.

“OTT STBs were initially written off as a temporary measure for consumers to bring OTT video to TV screens,” said Daniel Simmons, research director, IHS Technology director of connected home research, Daniel Simmons. “It was assumed that smart TVs, Blu-Ray disc players and gaming consoles would eventually take the place of STB devices; however, while consumer adoption of smart devices has grown considerably, OTT STBs have still managed to flourish.”

He suggested that companies such as Apple, Google and Roku have been much more aggressive in adding new content sources and apps to their STBs than TV and gaming console vendors have to their devices.

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