NETIA’s AirPlayList 2.0 Module make NAB debut

NETIA showcased its AirPlayList 2.0 module, fully integrated into its Media Assist software suite to facilitate automated playout of multiple radio channels simultaneously and with guaranteed redundancy. Making its NAB Show debut, the new module streamlines the playout workflow making it easier to launch and maintain new Web radio services.

The AirPlayList 2.0 module provides targeted encoding of audio streams for CDNs such as Shoutcast and Icecast. In addition to enabling Web radio playout, it also leverages datacasting functionality from the Media Assist AirPush module to deliver associated metadata, including information about streamed content that enriches the consumer experience.

Because the module is audio-over-IP-compliant, users can broadcast either from a traditional physical sound card or using IP-based virtual drivers. The new module’s intuitive Web-based interface allows users to check the status of media and enables fast, convenient monitoring of playout on each channel. The integration of VST audio processing plug-ins gives users even greater control over the sound consistency and loudness of each broadcast item.

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