NBC’S Peter Pan Live! scales new heights

Chyronhego gives life to the stunning VFX in NBC’S Peter Pan Live! | ChyronHego’s Lyric Pro advanced graphics creation software and Virtual Placement system

played starring roles in NBC’s Peter Pan Live!, which aired to an estimated television viewing audience of more than nine million. Using Lyric Pro running on ChyronHego’s Mosaic graphics platform, technicians created the animated character of Tinker Bell and manipulated her appearance and interaction with live actors during the broadcast. In addition, ChyronHego’s Virtual Placement was used to place virtual graphics such as a starry night sky and an oceanscape into the live broadcast stream, which created a seamless illusion for home viewers of the characters’ travels to Neverland. “With the ChyronHego solutions, we were able to bring Tinker Bell to life and create virtual backgrounds that viewers usually don’t see in live television,” said Javier Winnik, supervising producer, Peter Pan Live! “

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