MyFreeTV to be aired on Gatimaan Express

MyFreeTV, an offline Video on Demand (VOD) platform, has joined hands with Indian Railways to offer its entertainment services on the new Gatimaan Express train that plies between Delhi and Agra. The service allows users to access multimedia content on digital devices without having to pay for Internet usage when connected to a MyFreeTV hotspot.

Sandeep Arya, MD, MyFreeTV, said, “Commuters waiting for, or travelling on, trains and buses can now stream entertainment content on their phones, tabs or laptops without paying for internet charges when connected to MyFreeTV. It will change the way they view journeys.”

MyFreeTV uses Ruckus Wireless for seamless and reliable infotainment content delivery at zero cost to viewers. The company states that deployment will be through a simple plug-and-play installation, without retrofitting of display devices; while the licensed and up-to-date content will be delivered via an approved, secure digital network.

Local content and social messages can be incorporated into catalogue. Elaborating on this, Arya said that the platform enables advertisers to capture focused attention of viewers for their products and services. Additionally, it will also help upcoming talent to showcase their abilities to a wider audience.

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