Mobile Viewpoint launches smallest 4G Actioncam, the EyeLink

At BVE 2018 Mobile Viewpoint will present the EyeLink; a wearable 4G action camera which uses either bonded cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity to instantly allows to capture and share video directly on social media or CDN’s for live video transmission.

Featuring Mobile Viewpoint ’s IP bonding technology, the EyeLink can be integrated into Mobile Viewpoint ’s LinkMatrix platform and can be deployed in many ways; as a wireless on-board live video capturing device, as a wireless live performance monitoring tool, or to stream live video from drones.

Alongside the EyeLink, Mobile Viewpoint will showcase its complete Multicam product fleet for high end live streaming with H.265 encoding using bonded IP connections, which includes the WMT TerraLink-4C Multi-cam rack mount bonded transmitter and the WMT AirLink backpack device. Both transmitters featuring multiple (2-4) H.265- encoders, 8 audio channels, enabling multi-camera, OB and 360 productions and remote control.

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