London race at full blast

london-raceWhen the 2015 London Marathon kicked off recently,  BBC Sport and CTV OB (Outside Broadcast) relied on Broadcast RF and AMP Visual for the wireless live feeds of the event that was viewed by millions of people across 196 countries.

The operation used a combination of fixed cameras at six OB stations, Vislink L1700 transmitters on mobile cameras, two helicopters and a fixed aircraft downlink, all linked to a central receiving system at Canada Gate. “It was incredible to witness the dedication of Broadcast RF, AMP Visual and CTV OB throughout the event,” said Robert King, sales manager, Vislink.

Broadcast RF utilised Vislink’s 2GHz L1700 wireless camera-mounted transmitters, on five motorbikes that followed the route. With frequency spectrum in short supply, the organisers chose the L1700 for the MPEG4/H.264 video encoding which ensured an excellent picture quality over the limited bandwidth. Its proprietary Deep Time Interleaving technology enhanced the robustness of the coverage with its advanced system of error correction regulating interruptions to the link path that inevitably occur with this type of event coverage.

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