LiveU launches affordable global IP satellite service to complement cellular IP connectivity

LiveU has made it easier and more cost-effective for customers to cover news and events live wherever they are in the world by combining LiveU’s HEVC bonding technology with satellite connectivity service. This now gives customers a robust hybrid live solution that fits their production needs, streamlines the workflow, and simplifies the billing structure. With LiveU, broadcasters can get a high-quality feed automatically based on the lowest cost available bandwidth.
Customers of LiveU’s LU600 can now not only broadcast double the number of hours with the same data using the HEVC encoding, but also have the ability to include a satellite connection (flyaway or driveaway options) whenever it is desired. “Our bundled solution will change the game for our customers by removing any bandwidth concern, simplifying the workflow, and ending billing confusion for data,” said Mike Savello, LiveU VP of Sales (Americas).

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