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Lawo debuts RƎLAY virtual radio mixer

Lawo unveiled its RƎLAY virtual radio mixer at the 2016 NAB Show, which the company calls a ‘radio in a bag’, that runs in a virtualized PC environment …

Lawo unveiled its RƎLAY virtual radio mixer at the 2016 NAB Show, which the company calls a ‘radio in a bag’, that runs in a virtualized PC environment and run on a standard PC or laptop. It is a fully-featured portable studio, complete with analog and digital I/O and 4- or 8-fader virtual mixer. Audio professionals can just tuck their touchscreen laptop loaded with the RƎLAY software into the heavy-duty RƎLAY backpack along with their OnAir4 audio interface, grab their favorite mic and headset, and they are ready to make great radio from just about anywhere.

RƎLAY Virtual Radio Mixer bundles will include the RƎLAY VRX4 and VRX8 (4- and 8-fader mixer) software, a compact Lawo On-Air 4 audio interface equipped with mic, line, AES3 and RAVENNA / AES67 I/O, and a heavy-duty RƎLAY backback with space for a laptop and other on-air accessories like mics and headphones.

“When we introduced the idea of virtualized radio to broadcasters, they understood the benefits immediately,” says Michael Dosch, Director of Virtual Radio Products. “Just look at your smartphone: nearly everything you want to do can be accomplished using an ‘app’. Why shouldn’t radio also benefit from this approach?”

“Broadcasters can now run the equivalent of an entire radio studio’s worth of equipment on a laptop,” notes Dosch. “Not only mixing, but voice processing, codecs, phone systems and much more. Best of all, this software approach reduces the price of obtaining all these tools to a fraction of that of their hardware counterparts. That’s what the RƎLAY Virtual Radio Mixer is all about: giving radio the power to do more, and spend less.”

“RƎLAY isn’t just a console remote-control. Those are cool, but they’re very limited,” says Lawo’s radio marketing specialist, Clark Novak. “RƎLAY is different — it is a software-defined radio mixer, which means you can easily add to its capabilities. Want voice processing? Just plug in a software module. Declipping? Plug that in, too. Need to do a remote over IP? Plug in codec software. Take phone callers, using a multi-line VoIP plugin. Best of all, mixing and additional tools are all controlled within an intuitive, multi-touch onscreen GUI. Just try that with any traditional mixing console!”

Novak notes that “RƎLAY lets you replace a physical console and entire racks of accessory gear using a single laptop — with truly astonishing cost savings. RƎLAY is perfect for grab-and-go remote kits, field journalists, fast setup of on-location studios, webcasting, a replacement for aging studio hardware, or as a permanent personal studio at home.”

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