Japan Prepares For 4k And 8k Relay, Supports B-Sat

NHK, Japanese public broadcaster, is supporting the country’s satellite operator B-SAT to ramp up its progress toward 4K and 8K transmissions. The satellite operator’s latest spacecraft B-Sat 4a is now on order from Space Systems/Loral and will be ready for widescale 4K and 8K broadcasts. According to B-Sat’s CEO Takashi Yabashi, the satellite will be used for 4K and 8K direct-to-home services, starting in 2018.The satellite is scheduled for launch in late 2017. Some test transmissions of 4K broadcasts are already under trial with further testing taking place this year. “B-SAT wants to do its best to maximize the number of broadcasters who commence the 4K/8K Ultra-HD TV services,” said Yabashi.

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