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HOT 100 – VFX – Srinivas Mohan, VFX Supervisor, Bahubali

When SS Rajamouli narrated the story of Bahubali to Srinivas Mohan, he showed him an image of a 3000-feet waterfall cascading from the sky. That gave Mohan an idea of the grand scale at which he visualised the movie.

Mohan also realised that 90% of Bahubali would comprise visual effects. “I consulted all technicians in the movie to create 16,000 images in five months on how the characters, sets, weapons, etc, would look in the movie,” he recalled.

Mohan worked with 16 studios, including three international ones, to blend 2,200 VFX shots into the movie. These included 800 complex shots, 500 simple shots and the remainder were medium. “The biggest challenge was delivering Hollywood-esque VFX with limited budget. But we did it and the results are for all to see,” Mohan proudly claimed.

Today, Bahubali has set a benchmark for VFX in Indian cinema and has literally owned the box office, raising the expectations for the final version that is likely to be released this year. Though Mohan is not part of the sequel, he hopes it will get a nod from the audience once again for its visual imagery.

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