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HOT 100 – VFX – Anish Mulani, COO, Prana Studios

Imagine building a megapolis from scratch and giving it a tint of nostalgia from the 50s? Bombay Velvet’s makers decided to work with Prana Studio to reimagine the vertiginous images of a Mumbai that few remembered but that most would want to know.

One of the high points of the movie is sight of double decker BEST buses criss-crossing the iconic Victoria Terminus road. You know the images are unreal, but you still cannot shake off the feeling that the trundling vehicles were present when the cameras were rolling – that is how well Prana reconceptualised it.

Even actors Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Kapoor were left amazed when they saw the first rushes of the movie and transformation of the scenes they had acted in – whether it is Ranbir drifting on Mumbai streets in his vintage Ford Mustang or Anushka performing in the club.

There’s a particularly slow motion scene where Ranbir fires guns sprinkling walls with holes as the furniture explodes to smithereens. The imagery is so forceful that the screen detonates into whirlwind of action. That is when you realise that for all its weakness, if there was one department that Bombay Velvet scored in, it was VFX.

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