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HOT 100 – VFX – AK Madhavan, Co-Founder, Assemblage Entertainment

In an era of start-ups, sometimes, experience makes all the difference when it comes to succeeding. Assemblage Entertainment, a 3D animation and visual effects studio, has managed to prove this point effectively.

The company is buoyed by the experience of its co-founder, AK Madhavan, who packs close to 15 years of experience in the animation industry and is ably backed by Upen Desai, another industry veteran. Two years after the company started its operations, it has managed to make a quite a mark for itself.

Last year, Assemblage Entertainment completed its first full-length animated feature, Blinky Bill – The Movie, which it co-produced from its Mumbai studio. Not only was it the the service provider for this Australian film, it was also the IP partner that owned a backend stake to the copyright and recoupment schedule.

Having tasted success with this venture, Assemblage went on to produce another animated feature film, Norm of the North, which was released in January this year. Incidentally, the company has another feature film, The Swan Princess, in production.

When asked how he chooses his projects, Madhavan stated that he prefers focusing on the upper end of the value chain, especially now that Assemblage has showcased its ability to deliver projects on quality, time and budget. Well, this company has earned its right to be choosy, so it can afford to exercise this right.

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