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Hot 100, Technocrats, Rajneesh Mittal , Head Technology, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd

Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd (ZEEL) has been continuing its relentless march towards digital transformation by taking constant cues from their business functions: what they want and how can technology truly and tangibly impact them. This approach has enabled their business to derive benefits in lockstep with the technology deployments. The main project for the company last year was automating its content supply chain. This involved deploying a comprehensive content management system, handling more than 2,00,000 hours of content with automated workflows, and catering to hundreds of users and transactions daily across various locations in the country. “In this VUCA world where uncertainty and complexity is the order of the day, we embrace newness with warmth, that’s some achievement!” said Rajneesh Mittal, head, technology, ZEEL. When one sees such a zest for technology, it propels a momentum that is inspiring.

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