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Hot 100 – Technocrats, Piyush Gupta, Group CTO, India Today Group

When he joined India Today Group last year, Piyush Gupta realised that various divisions in the company were operating in silos and there was an urgent need for consolidation. If the digital platform team wanted a broadcasting story, they had to request it, reformat it, transcode it and then post it online – losing critical time in the process.

“We created an automated environment where teams across the company have access to all internal content. So, they can pick the stories, edit and upload it faster, reducing the turnaround time from 25 minutes to two,” Gupta claimed.

India Today was struggling with another clunky legacy issue – of accessing content through tape libraries. Luckily during his earlier stint in Network18, Gupta had enabled digitization of data archives, so he replicated a similar project in India Today. “All content is archived online now, hence editorial personnel can easily access the archives, leading to better productivity,” he added.

However, his biggest challenge came when Headlines Today was relaunched as India Today with lot of graphics to make the news look appealing. “We created the entire software inhouse, within five months, on a single machine; making it a zero investment project,” Gupta claimed enthusiastically.

This year, he has his hands full with updating India Today’s mobile app and planning the company’s upcoming integrated newsroom. Looks like there is a nary an idle moment in this CTO’s life.

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