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Hot 100 – System Integrators, Satish Aggarwal, Director, Visual Technologies India

Service what you sell – is Satish Aggarwal’s basic business motto, which has held him in good stead. This irrefutable logic makes sense, since Visual Technologies India (VTI) gets recurring business from government and private sector clients, especially educational institutions. In fact, after deploying a project for one IIT, the company even stationed an engineer onsite for five years for post-installation maintenance!

Established in 1996 as a service provider to the broadcasting industry, VTI is increasing its focus on educational institutions, as broadcasters progressively implement most of their tech solutions in-house. “We built 14 studios for seven IITs in cities like Bangalore, Kanpur and Guwahati,” Aggarwal stated. VTI also completed the setup of two studios for IIT Kharagpur and one for IIRS Dehradun, which include air conditioning as well.

But through it all, he maintained that he won’t veer away from his mantra of service coming first. Because Aggarwal knows that brands might come and go; but a systems integrator who offers top notch service is in for the long haul.

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