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As a musical, Jagga Jasoos has songs interpersed with dialogues. Sound designers, Abhishek Nair and Shijin Hutton, therefore used distinctive features, like time code and ‘frame-based’ editing to create, supply and edit sound elements based on each frame. They created individualistic aural aspects for each scene, so dialogues were different from the sound effects and set in a tempo. For example, the sound of picking a glass from a table and placing it on the other was created and synced with the music’s beat and tempo. “The challenging part was mapping everything together in sync – from the temp track provided by the music director to paying attention to the sound details, to incorporating the sound elements. Everything had to be synced according to the music’s beat,” Nair said. However, Nair and Hutton ensured that the music and dialogue design didn’t come across as two different facets, but came togeter as a melodious background.

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