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HOT 100 – Radio Broadcasters – Abraham Thomas, CEO, Radio City 91.1 FM

When he joined Music Broadcast’s Radio City 91.1 FM as CEO in November, Abraham Thomas knew that radio innovation had reached a plateau. “Most ad agencies are more focused on creating TV content and radio creative was usually an offshoot of these,” he said. That is how Audacity was born in January 2016 – Radio City’s inhouse creative hotspot that crafts integrated branding solutions.

His other out-of-the-box approach was to have a micro-city programming approach for Radio City, which currently operates out of 28 cities and will soon be present across 39. “Despite being a national brand, we talk about cities not as a whole, but as micro-cities, with features like Radio City Ke Kone Kone Se,” Thomas revealed.

He is also aware that contemporary listeners are more concerned about good content and will consume it wherever it is conveniently available to them, on any platform and in any format. Hence, he does not look at radio as a frequency, but as a medium to disseminate content.

The brand’s online channel,, currently gives impetus to independent song makers. Thomas is now extending it to various genres, like comedy, to cater to the coming-of-age urban audience as well. His strategy is simple: one frequency to bind them all!

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