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HOT 100 – OTT – Uday Reddy, CEO, YuppTV

What do you get if you take a techie with big aspirations, place him in a tech company and give his ambition wings? If he is Uday Reddy, he starts his own company to revolutionise the way people consume entertainment. Sounds like the usual startup story? What is different about Reddy’s journey is that he began YuppTV in 2006 not in India, but in Atlanta, which is still the company’s HQ. However, most of its business is managed from its Hyderabad and Bangalore offices.

YuppTV has clocked over 10 million downloads till date and averages 5.5 million unique visitors monthly. It has a subscription model for the overseas markets, with varying packages and pricing. For its 3 million Indian subscribers though, it has subscription and ad-supported models. It gained significant traction by entering into tieups with broadband service providers and telecom operators and using technology as a key differentiator, “like ensuring buffer-less high quality streaming,” Reddy said.

In 2015, besides launching Indian operations, YuppTV established footprints in Middle East, Singapore and Malaysia. From a positioning perspective, the brand is focused on the Indian diaspora and expatriate community in international markets. Reddy explained that since these viewers are exposed to lot of global and English content, they seek regional on-demand content that they can connect with. Reddy now plans to populate YuppTV with regional content that resonates with these viewers. After all, born in a small Telangana town, he too sometimes feels homesick enough to surf YuppTV and watch some Telugu movies!

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