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HOT 100 – OTT – Salil Kapoor MD, HOOQ India

Salil Kapoor believes that it is better to be prudent and prepared than rush headlong into business. Though HOOQ was launched in May 2015, the company spent the past several months getting its connectivity and payment alliances in place before going for a full-blown launch. Currently, HOOQ has partnered with Airtel and some Vodafone subscribers can avail its services, even as company ties up with more telecom companies to expand its reach.

HOOQ has also signed up payment parties, including credit card organizations, banking institutions and mobile wallet companies like Paytm to help viewers subscribe to its services. When asked why these alliances were not done parallelly while introducing its service to consumers, Kapoor said, “We wanted various payment options to be available on HOOQ going all out. Alongside, we wanted to ensure that various technologies were available on our platform, so consumers could better experience the content.”

Now that the ecosystem in place, he promises the HOOQ app will be announced in a grand fashion this year. And he confident that though HOOQ increased its monthly subscription price from INR 199 to INR 249 there will be takers for this adaptive platform that adjusts the streaming rate based on a user’s bandwidth.

“With 10,000 titles and 30,000 hours of content, our Hollywood movie library is the largest as compared to any OTT player and we have a significant Bollywood and regional catalogue. We are sure viewers will pay a premium to enjoy this premium ad-free experience,” Kapoor confidently claimed. Well, hope does spring eternal, and even more so in the competitive world of business.

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