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Hot 100 – Film Editors, Rajesh Pandey, Bajirao mastani

Encapsulating 12 years of grandiose planning in two-and-a-half hours of rapturous movie watching? Is it even possible? Rajesh Pandey pulled it off with Bajirao Mastani without overstating the grandeur of palatial life or the emotions involved in romantic triangles, by adroitly conveying its opulence yet underlining each moment’s drama.

It can be debated that the closing scenes depicting Bajirao’s hallucinations – his thrashing about in a literal and metaphorical sea – could have been better clipped. But the unanimous accolades the film received validate its editing.

Pandey had already proved his metier as an editor to Sanjay Leela Bhansali with the 2015 Bhansali production Gabbar Is Back, an action-drama film. Bajirao Mastani’s success at the turnstiles has put Pandey’s career on the high-speed track.

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