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Hot 100 – Film Editors, Monisha Baldawa, Neerja

A gripping film speaks loudly of a consummate editor. Especially one that recreates a real-life story and one woman’s heroism – Neerja Bhanot. Here, adept editing is crucial to maintain the tense proceedings, yet allow emotions to reach a desirable pitch. It is to Monisha Baldawa’s credit that she pulled this feat off beautifully in Neerja, her second feature film as editor after Margarita With A Straw.

This FTII graduate recalled the scene where Neerja, played by Sonam Kapoor, retires into the washroom and her past following the first killing in the aircraft, as her most difficult editorial task. The slide into the protagonist’s past had to be tied into the drama of the main narrative without lowering the momentum.

“Another challenging scene was Shabana Azmi’s speech in the climax, as director Ram Madhvani wanted it to be many-layered,” she said. Baldawa now looks forward to taking on such challenges, and has already signed a feature film, besides ad and documentary films.

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