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An action-thriller that tees off with a car chase in Chicago, topped by a fracas between two men, a death, an arrest … all in 10 minutes! Going on to unravel an imaginary story about a man executing revenge on the perpetrators of the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks. These are the scenes that make the audience sit back in their theatre seats and wonder what is going to hit them next!

Phantom moves at breakneck speed, rushing from scene to scene in the frenzied spirit of the revenge-seeker, an attestation again to the expertise of film editor Arif Sheikh. Highly regarded by his peers, Sheikh has been a much sought after editor – he has edited more than 40 films.
Having picked up the Filmfare Award for best editing for D-Day in 2014, Sheikh has edited films of different genres such as Haider, Dharm, Kurbaan, Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu, and Drishyam – comprising varied genres.

What he brings to the editing table is immense objectivity, which can greatly help a receptive director. He stresses on unpredictability and keeping the story as the focus; and achieves that with an impressive degree of success as is witnessed when one watches the fast-paced Phantom.

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