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Franchise fatigue can negatively affect even the most famous sequels the world around. But the Golmaal series remains perennially popular as is evidenced by the thumping success of its fourth outing, Golmaal Returns. Series director Rohit Shetty adroitly manages the tightrope walk between the muscular direction of elaborate action sequences and a souffle-light handling of the comic sequences.
Arguably at the high noon of his career after a string of successes, Shetty keeps this franchise ticking with his constant innovation – not only in his chases-and-explosions forte but also in his themes. Golmaal Returns is an unusual hybrid – a horror comedy – and has Parineeti Chopra essaying the role of a spirit, Ajay Devgn playing a man who is frightened of ghosts and the rest of the familiar gang hopping along for the fun ride. It’s a strange melding of genres but Shetty pulls it off with practised ease.

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