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Hot 100 – Film Directors, Rohit Shetty, DILWALE

Kriti Sanon once marvelled, “I have never seen a director like Rohit Shetty who literally runs on the road with a walkie-talkie in hand during a shot! He is always on a roll. The passion that he has for his film is superb!”

Few, if any, of today’s directors have chalked up as many box office bonanzas as Shetty – the Golmaal triptych, the Singham duo, Bol Bachchan, Chennai Express and Dilwale! And what makes this filmmaker a hit machine is his unerring feel for the audience’s pulse and his passion for conjuring gasp-inducing action sequences.

Cars somersaulting have become the leitmotif of Shetty’s films. Ironically, though he tasted successful initially in the comedy genre with Golmaal, stunt sequences have become his forte. He revealed, “My dad was into action so I got introduced to it early. Action is in my blood; in my DNA.”
Interestingly, Shah Rukh judged him as, “Tough from outside but sweet from within; a soft person.” Perhaps that is why most of Shetty’s movies are a blend of action and humour; like his latest event movie Dilwale, which juggled wisecracks with super slick chase scenes.” Shetty brims over with happiness at the box office response to Dilwale but shrugs off the lukewarm critic reaction with “that happens often with my films.”
He also makes no bones that his films address the audience first and foremost. The approach works; the hits keep piling up higher than the crashed cars.

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