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Whether it’s the cross-generational love story of Cheeni Kam, the child trapped in an old man’s body in Paa or the topsy-turvy gender equations of Ki And Ka, Balki has been known to spotlight unusual stories in his films. His latest venture, Pad Man, is inspired by the true story of a man who withstands the castigation by society and chastisement by his wife in his determined quest to make better sanitary pads and to spread awareness of menstrual hygiene. Balki scores straight off the bat by finding the right actor in the ever-earnest and newly cause-sensitive Akshay Kumar.
The director does find it occasionally difficult to stand on two stools – spread the message and entertain the masses. He falters when he oversimplifies but then balances himself adroitly with a vein of humour coursing through the film. Most importantly, Balki dares once again to tell a new story … and this one should have been told years ago.

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