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With Talvar (2015) Meghna Gulzar found her mettle and ended her eight-year hiatus from film direction, and with Raazi (2018), she has re-asserted her hard-won ability to fuse meaningful cinema with box-office material. Raazi is the story of a Kashmiri girl who gets married in Pakistan but spies for the Indian intelligence; and there is one tense event in the wake of the other. However, the film is more than a thriller – it provokes thought on the many human costs of war.
Besides extracting a tour de force performance from the always-dependable Alia Bhatt, Meghna works hand in glove with her crew to make a visually exciting and absorbing film. The sequence in which Alia prepares to poison an umbrella tip, is intercut between two different times and spaces, and makes for compelling viewing. Meghna believes that violence alluded to, is far more impactful than violence amplified. And this holds true for her depiction of emotions too.
Meghna has now designed her own signature, distinct from that of her illustrious filmmaker father who shares her surname.

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