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On paper, the theme of Newton (2017), would probably not have investors making a beeline to fund the project. Newton is the story of a government clerk (Rajkumar Rao) fighting against odds, ignorance and the cynicism of his colleagues to ensure free and fair elections in a remote village of Chhatisgarh. It comes throbbing to life because of writer-director Amit Masurkar’s treatment. He imbues his unhurried narration with sardonic humour and scathing comments on the bureaucracy, the law and order and the difficulties of the democratic process.
Devoid of any commercial frills, this shot-in-the-jungles is enlivened by its conviction and a sense of purpose. The performances are first-rate. Rao is one of the finest actors we have and the director mines his sincerity and hunger … and hits gold! With Newton, Masurkar has delivered not only the National Award winner for Best Feature Film (Hindi) but also the year’s sleeper commercial success.

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