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Advait Chandan is one of the few directors who can claim to have made a major splash with his very first venture. Chandan’s is an amazing trajectory – from being Aamir Khan’s manager, he moved on to penning and then directing Secret Superstar, which the star not only produced but also made a cameo in. No wonder, Chandan’s film too is an inspirational story on the power of dreams to fuel personal growth. Adolescent Insiya (Zaira Wasim) dreams of becoming a singer but though her mother tacitly supports her, she faces grim paternal opposition. The film is informed with a strong feminist sensibility as the young girl learns to embrace her ambitions and stand up for herself.
Not only did Secret Superstar win several awards and do decent box office in India, but it was also a smash hit in China, attesting to the universality of themes such as the maternal bond and the struggle for self-expression.

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