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The visual sophistication of veteran cinematographer P C Sreeram’s work is on full display in Pad Man. Whether it is in the high gloss sequences shot in New York city or the gritty rustic scenes, he imbues each shot with a realism that makes it instantly appealing to the viewer. This long-time collaborator of Mani Ratnam is also Pad Man director Balki’s go-to cinematographer for all his films, right from his Cheeni Kam days. Pad Man is a biographical tale with a message and the camerawork follows the protagonist’s journey with a keen eye. Some vibrant long shots like that of the villagers gathered around a banyan tree give audiences a context to the protagonist’s milieu, while compelling close ups bring us close to the human story unfolding on-screen. The films many striking visuals – a mountain of cotton or a top angle shot of verdant fields – attest that this National Award winning cinematographer is still at the top of his game.

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