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HOT 100 – Audio Experts – Subhash Sahoo, Sound designer, Neerja

National Film award winning Subhash Sahoo believes in being part of the project even before the camera starts rolling as he believes that sync sound has made a sound designer’s involvement more intrinsic in the movie making process, taking them outside the confines of a sound studio.

But he does not mind this as his latent aspirations to be an actor has made him amenable to adapt to newer experiences. It also explains how he could design the sound for Neerja, which was the most innovative challenge of his career.

This was because director Ram Madhvani wanted to encapsulate the unrehearsed chaos on the ill-fated flight, often shooting for a hour at a stretch with minimal cuts in between. So Sahoo had to humanize the emotions of the 380 passengers, air hostesses and terrorists through sound effectively.

Moreover, he had to edit from lengthy footage captured from several cameras placed at different locations in the specially created aircraft for the shoot. “It takes a month to edit one set of dialogues where five actors talk at a time. Here I had given mikes to 40 artists and five cameras were trained on different people. Imagine the kind of work that went into the editing to choose from these in the post-stage!” he revealed.But the results were worth the effort.

Sahoo is undisturbed that he did not get an award for Neerja, though he expected one for NH10, which he counts amongst his best works. He claims that while awards are welcome, he has now outgrown their lucre.

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