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GatesAir strengthens control, monitoring, security for TV transmission systems

At the 2018 NAB Show GatesAir emphasised the future of control and monitoring in a wireless transmission system, and demonstrate a new networking solution to secure data backhaul over IP networks. In addition to unveiling a new HTML5-based graphical user interfaces for its Maxiva UHF (ULXTE, UAXTE) and VHF (VAXTE) transmitters, GatesAir demonstrated the following three solutions for RF systems management. These included the VPN tunneling and data backhaul powered by GatesAir Intraplex IP networking, Maxiva StreamAssure RF and IP stream monitoring and troubleshooting solution powered by Qligent and an IP-Based remote control and monitoring of RF systems powered by Burk.
New innovations for NAB address reliability and security concerns that come with a transition to native IP content delivery – a core element of the ATSC 3.0 standard. GatesAir unveiled new HTML5-based graphical user interfaces for Maxiva transmitters, at once offering a more intuitive transmitter monitoring platform and rock-solid security from outside intrusions. Additionally, GatesAir will demonstrate how its new Intraplex IPConnect solution can establish reliable and secure network connections to the control elements of TV transmitters and exciters, allowing broadcasters to securely transport Web, SNMP and other remote control traffic.
The fully redundant solution replaces generic network appliances at the studio and transmitter site with robust, reliable Intraplex IPConnect devices that ensure high service availability and SNMP compatibility. The demonstration also showed how broadcasters and network operators can reliably and securely extend local area networks to accommodate secure backhaul of performance data across wide-area, single-frequency networks for ATSC 3.0 and global DTV standards.

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