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Friend MTS to launch ASiD 4K/UHD content protection service

Friend MTS, a content and revenue protection specialist, will launch a 4K/UHD variant of its ASiD service, the most widely deployed subscriber level watermarking in the world, at the NAB 2018 show, Las Vegas. This new service is designed for broadcast and OTT applications, and includes global channel monitoring coupled with fingerprint-based automatic content recognition, and watermarking for advanced subscriber identification.
The end-to-end security service connects tightly with subscriber management and social media platforms to enable illegal video streams to be deactivated within seconds. Friend MTS services are highly automated and customisable, making it ideal for protecting everything from live premium sports to non-live entertainment content.
Neil Sharpe, product marketing director, said, “With the increasing availability of UHD content and higher broadband speeds in homes, the global video market is being inundated by higher quality illegal streams, which pose a real threat to broadcasters’ premium content.”
To counter the menace of these illegal streams, there’s a need to deploy advanced subscriber watermarking for UHD content that’s imperceptible to viewers, while also complying with the security requirements of both premium sports rights holders and movie studios

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