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FilmLight activates v5 for Baselight STUDENT

Baselight STUDENT, FilmLight’s free macOS application, has been enhanced with innovative and creative advances from the core Baselight v5 software. Baselight STUDENT v5 will allow those developing their skills as a colourist, to have the full range of creative features, based on the same platform as every Baselight system. Central to this is Base Grade, with which users can combine other v5 grading tools such as Boost Operators, beauty tools such as Texture Equaliser, Paint and Grid Warp. Baselight STUDENT v5 also includes FLUX Manage, a media management system.

Baselight STUDENT is a comprehensive, software-only version of the Baselight system, running on supported Mac hardware with GPU rendering. It is designed as a platform for skills development rather than commercial work, so the outputs are restricted to H.264 movies and JPEG still images only. Justin Tran, colourist/finishing editor, commented, “Having access to the same toolset and colour science as used in Baselight hero systems is invaluable. As a freelancer, Baselight STUDENT allows me to keep up to date, develop and improve workflows.”

Users also have access to a range of supporting material, including Baselight manuals, a media training package and training videos, and one-on-one training. “With the release of v5 across our product line, we have had requests from our Baselight STUDENT registrants to move up to the next level. Baselight STUDENT v5 enables both, professional and budding colourists, to master on the latest advances in colour tools,” said Steve Chapman, co-founder, FilmLight.

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