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Facilis Technology to display new advancements and workflows at IBC, 2018

Facilis, a supplier of shared storage solutions for media production networks, will demonstrate Version 7.1 features and FastTracker 2.5 for the first time at IBC, 2018. Version 7.1 includes real-time bandwidth monitoring of volumes and workstations – RAID50 and RAID51 management through Admin Console, preferred connection address for multi-path networks, automatic load balancing of clients across server IPs, and remote client deployment in multi-client facilities.

With Facilis FastTracker 2.5, users will witness custom ingest-to-archive workflows to LTFS and disk-based backup. Previews of local storage assets, and LTFS and network-based assets can be stored for easy locating. Catalogs can be created for separation and security of indexed data. Using the Adobe Panel for Premiere Pro and After Effects, indexed data will be available directly in the Adobe interface.

“By adopting a painless policy of indexing and cataloguing data with FastTracker, we provide full access to the facility library,” said James McKenna, VP, Marketing, Facilis Technology.

The Facilis Hub Server optimises drive groups and increases the bandwidth available from standard TerraBlock storage systems. It enables a way to scale bandwidth through dynamic aggregation, and extend the usable life of older systems. It facilitates speeds over 4GB/sec available from a single virtual project-based volume.

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