Expedience of the lambs

The tour de france uses sheep-mounted cameras to shoot the bicycle race | The Yorkshire leg of the Tour De France, one of the most prestigious cycling events of the world, rendered the services of a herd of sheep

to capture the action. For the event, Sony recruited five sheep from Harrogate’s Harewell Hall Farm to serve as “sheepcams” outfitted with the Sony HD AS100VR ActionCam on a modified dog harness. Farmer Ian Hammond of the Harewell Hall Farm controlled the five “sheepcams” remotely using a live view remote, so there’s really no way that the sheep could miss the race. Even though one might expect that the footage might be a little wobbly, the camera is equipped with Advance SteadyShot stabilisation that results in blur-free captures. According to a CNET review, the HDR-AS100VR is a good camera. It’s waterproof and outperforms the GoPro Hero3 in terms of battery life.

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