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ENVOY launches IONTAC DCP Server, to upgrade multiplex screen quality in India

Mumbai based Envoy, launched the IONTAC Digital Cinema Play (DCP) Server, CinePlay S1 in India, targetting around 2000 independent screens. The technology comprises of DCI standard implying a 2K projection system, real-time decoding of 2K@24fps at playback rates of 250Mbps, and XYZ to RGB colour conversion.

“Envoy is offering IONTAC’s Korean technology which may be ideal for Indian market adoption. We are working closely to offer expansion to multiplex operators. We aim to offer next-generation cinema screening solutions in 2018,” said Chaitanya Chopra, CEO, Envoy.

The ION-CP4K-S1 server supports any DCI compliant projector, is perfectly compatible with DCI 1.2, and is capable of playing JPEG2000 digital movies. The video output resolution is HD, 2K, 4K @ 24p, 25p, 30p, 50i, and 60i. Other solutions for digital cinema include, CineStor: a central storage server for the S1 Cinema Server, CineMaster: a Windows / Linux 64bit E5 Xeon server optimised for DCP, and easyDCP Player: used to play JPEG2000 encoded DCP file and export it to Quicktime or Sequence file (J2c, Tiff, DPX). Their EZTitle is compatible with CineCanvas, all overlay methods and server projectors used in digital movies.

James Ahn, CEO, IONTAC, said, “Envoy is ideal for cultivating our Indian market, as our company aims to convert multiplexes to a neutral technology.”

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