Dalet xN Standards Converter now available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Dalet Digital Media Systems, working together with Microsoft Corp., has launched its Dalet xN Standards Converter, available now through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Building off of the AmberFin technology, the Dalet xN Standards Converter brings the motion-compensated frame-rate conversion to the cloud, which the company says makes it the first truly accessible file-based standards conversion tool.

“AmberFin has long set the benchmark for file-based standards conversion,” emphasized Ben Davenport, director of marketing, Dalet. “With AmberFin, we made file-based standards conversion a reality by exploiting high-performance computing and making high-quality international video exchange more accessible. Today, we’re doing the same thing all over again, but taking it one step further by bringing those capabilities to the cloud and making international video exchange available to the masses.”

“By making the Dalet xN Standards Converter available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, Dalet democratizes the capabilities of AmberFin international video exchange. Users simply upload their video files and select the desired output video standard,” added Sudheer Sirivara, general manager, Azure Media Services and Azure CDN, Microsoft Corp.

Offering on-demand format and frame rate conversion, the Dalet xN Standards Converter identifies the simplest configuration and outputs the final video product in the highest quality possible. Its feature highlights include consistently producing high-quality video output with a friendly user interface to prepare, trigger and monitor the conversion process. It also has the ability to handle multiple transcode projects simultaneously with a flexible cloud-based service allowing content to be uploaded and downloaded from anywhere in the world. Users are allowed pricing flexibility as they can opt for the on-demand pay-per-use model.

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