ChyronHego VidiGo Arena sports production solution

ChyronHego will introduce VidiGo Arena for end-to-end sports arena productions. Running on standard hardware, this all-software solution integrates the VidiGo Live Compositor, ChyronHego’s Lyric graphics, SHOUT social media editor and Hybrid robotic camera head control system. The result is an integrated solution for producing an entire arena show, including camera cuts, digital video effects, and social media tie-ins.

For live sports broadcasting, ChyronHego will showcase its Paint telestration and analysis solution. This workflow enables ‘illustrated replay’ — a combination of replay, graphics, and analysis that brings game play to life and enhances fans’ understanding and enjoyment of the action.

ChyronHego will also demonstrate a fully integrated end-to-end news production workflow powered by CAMIO asset and data management solution. With CAMIO as the newsroom control center, the workflow integrates the company’s Lyric graphics creation and playout system, VidiGo Live Compositor for multicamera TV production, Metacast weather graphics solution, and Hybrid virtual studio and robotic camera head technologies. The result is a comprehensive solution which can be used by anyone in the entire newsroom environment to create, control, and play out a full newscast.

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