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Cantemo introduces upgrades to its media management solution – Cantemo Portal, at IBC, 2018

Cantemo, a provider of media management solutions, will offer a pre-release preview of Cantemo Portal, its media management platform, at IBC this year.

Cantemo Portal 4.0 features core upgrades, improving the simplicity of file transfers and downloads, and offering control over user access. The solution features upgrades to Elasticsearch, Python and Django. This includes API support for Elasticsearch aggregations, making searching and indexing of large content libraries simple and quick.

Improvements to Cantemo Agent are central to the latest version of Portal, focusing on Single Sign-On (SSO) support in the Agent, accelerated file transfer using Aspera, and feature parity between Cantemo Agent, for Windows and Mac. The Agent is capable of limiting bandwidth consumption, and the number of concurrent transfers. It betters interaction between the Agent and the main Cantemo Portal 4.0 system, resulting in live reporting of transfer-job statuses. Users will be able to retry uploads and downloads in the case of errors, pause, resume or cancel transfers that are in-progress. Cantemo will also demonstrate iconik, its cloud-based hub for managing video.

“The updates make it easy and cost-effective to transfer files, owing to Agent’s ability to limit consumption of bandwidth during transfers,” commented Martin Fellbrink, product manager, Cantemo.

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