Calrec to debut Artemis Ray

Calrec Audio’s Artemis Ray digital audio console will make its European debut at IBC 2017. The console has 456 fully featured input channels making it more powerful than Artemis Beam. Furthermore, Artemis Ray can handle up to 72 faders, the same as the larger Artemis Shine model. Via a brand-new fader/monitor panel, Artemis Ray sports a new surface layout that allows more faders in a reduced surface area. Calrec’s RP1 remote production unit is a unique live-broadcast product that directly addresses an increasingly prevalent requirement for high-quality content from remote locations. Remote production offers the ability to capture a broader range of live events, such as sports, news, or regional music festivals. At IBC, Calrec will introduce a suite of new features on the RP1. These include a two-band filter and four-band EQ, expander and gate facilities, compressor and sidechain EQ facilities, direct output for all remote faders (up to 5.1 wide), and remote auxes via Calrec Assist. The new software also provides VCA master control from the host console and pairing of transmission and remote faders so that any fader/cut changes are applied to both TX and IFB paths on to remote faders and remote auxes.

Stand 8.C61

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