Black Box launches Radian Flex video wall platform

Black Box has introduced an upgradeable Radian Flex Video Wall Platform, which provides advancement that can future-proof investments. It offers unlimited resolutions, inputs, and screen outputs, thus enabling flexibility. It supports today’s standard of 4K 60fps video, up to a resolution of more than one billion pixels.

“As a software-based solution, Radian Flex eliminates the need to replace purpose-built hardware with a simple and cost-effective solution. This enables our customers to upgrade or scale their video wall technology, economically and faster,” said Josh Whitney, senior VP, technology product solutions business, Black Box.

Radian Flex includes SmartFrame technology that ensures use of the video wall display area, featuring picture quality and fit-to-screen facility with minimal setup time. Other features include content manipulation, schedule and restore capabilities, real-time control over displayed content and slide show. It is offered in two suites, the Radian Flex Suite and the Radian FlexPro Suite. The Flex Suite is fit for economic video wall installations that are not reliant on fail-safe operation. The FlexPro Suite includes dual controllers to ensure fail-safe operation for mission-critical applications.

“Whether an industry depends on a command and control center, or they need unmatched picture quality for clear digital signage to get their message and brand across, Radian Flex takes a step forward in helping customers prepare for the future,” Whitney added.

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