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As exhibitors prepare for CABSAT, we take a quick look at a few products and solutions that will be on display this year SAM to exhibit LiveTouch, Kula …

As exhibitors prepare for CABSAT, we take a quick look at a few products and solutions that will be on display this year




SAM to exhibit LiveTouch, Kula
At CABSAT 2017, Snell Advanced Media (SAM) will be highlighting its IP and 4K live sports production and replay workflows, next-generation Multiviewers, and playout solutions. On display will be SAM’s LiveTouch system, which offers the most efficient sports highlights and replay workflow on the market. It offers a unique management system that minimises the movement of media in any editing and replay workflow. LiveTouch is also tightly integrated with SAM editors, enabling instant collaboration between replay and production. Users can also instantly publish highlights and replays straight to social media by using SAM’s Momentum workflow technology. The Kula multi-format production switcher will be on show at Cabsat as well. Kula can handle multiple formats making it both future-proof and adaptable for today’s production environment. The 2M/E HD/SD version can be switched to 1M/E 4K mode, allowing users to benefit from higher production values.

Custom Consoles’ Module-R Lite to make its middle east debutmediawall
This year, Custom Consoles’ Module-R Lite studio control desks will make their debut in the Middle East at CABSAT. Also on display will be the latest version of the company’s EditOne post-production-suite desk, a MediaPost free-standing monitor mount, and an example of the scalable MediaWall monitor display. A mix-and-matchable control room furniture system, the Module-R series allows long-life broadcast control-room furniture to be configured to meet specific shapes and dimensions from a selection of pods, base sections, 19-inch rack housings, worktops, and end-panel modules. Module-R Lite is identical in structure to the standard Module-R range but based on 930 mm front-to-back desk dimensions. Also on show at CABSAT will be the latest version of the EditOne desk.

NOA to showcase mediARCmediarc
AV digitising and archiving specialist NOA will be exhibiting the mediARC and jobDB systems this year at CABSAT. The company, in collaboration with broadcasters, has developed tools to automate and simplify the process of digitisation, storage, and retrieval of media content as well as appropriate metadata annotation and management. The mediARC system includes the three fundamental areas of an archive project—metadata, media storage and conversion, and workflows. Both mediARC and jobDB provide a highly flexible workflow engine that is used for basic input/output tasks around the archive, including ingestion and exporting. Therein, workflows can be adjusted manually to create individual sets of specialised workflows.

Spotlight on Interra’s Orion-OTTorionott
Interra Systems will demonstrate the most integrated and intuitive monitoring solutions available on the market at CABSAT 2017. A key highlight will be new HEVC and 4K support across all the company’s products, including Orion-OTT, a software-based monitoring solution for adaptive bitrate content; Orion real-time content-monitoring and video-analysis systems; Baton file-based QC; and Vega media analysers. Leveraging industry-proven audio and video quality analysis technologies, Orion-OTT enables OTT service/equipment and CDN providers to seamlessly monitor online video delivery for quality and compliance. Through real-time alarms for on-the-go decision making, a web-based user interface, and rich analytics, the solution helps OTT and CDN service providers maintain and even improve service quality on TVs, PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

WORK Microwave to display satcom solutionsax60
This year, WORK Microwave will exhibit its analogue and digital satcom solutions approach for operators to increase flexibility, bandwidth, and margins. Among other innovations, the company will showcase its new compact IF converter design and A-Series all-IP platform for the first time to the Middle East market.
AX-60 IP Modem, AR-60 IP Demodulator, and AT-60 IP Modulator high-performance platforms will be introduced for IP trunking and IP network infrastructure applications at the annual event. Using the A-Series, operators can transmit and receive DVB-S2X signals with efficiency. Optimal use cases include high-speed network links over satellite, IP-based satellite newsgathering, IP-based contribution and distribution links, and reception and analysis of satellite communication.

Broadpeak to demonstrate OTT solutionsumbrellacdn
At CABSAT 2017, Broadpeak will demonstrate how content providers and satellite operators can deliver high-quality video by leveraging its technologies. The company will demonstrate OTT video delivery optimisation solutions, such as umbrellaCDN and video delivery analytics. Broadspeak will showcase its latest video delivery innovations for pay-TV and satellite operators. umbrellaCDN allows content providers to choose the best content delivery network for delivering video content. An advanced capability of umbrellaCDN, CDN Diversity enables content providers to dynamically take into account the instantaneous quality of several CDNs as a service to combine their contributions and deliver the content of high quality.

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