Astro delivers multiscreen video with elemental cloud

Astro Television, a leading Malaysian direct broadcast satellite Pay TV service, last month signed a technology deal with Elemental Technologies to deliver multi-screen video on cloud platform. The broadcaster implemented Elemental video processing solutions in the cloud to power its OTT service, Astro on the Go.The company announced its OTT service in 2012 and since then has gradually been moving towards a software-based approach for its video delivery workflow. The OTT service more than 6,000 hours of VOD content and 34 live linear channels. Elemental Cloud securely manages Astro’s high-volume video content with scale and elasticity, allowing customers to watch both live and VOD content instantly. The ground-to-cloud approach saves major capex by instantly scaling up video processing capacity during high-traffic events, and scaling back down again as traffic wanes. Astro is regarded as pioneer when it comes to pay TV services. It was the first to launch an HD broadcast in Malaysia in 2009 and offered the first non-subscription based satellite TV, with 25 television and 20 radio channels.

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