Artel Video Systems introduces Artel Care

Artel Video Systems, a provider of IP- and fiber-based media transport solutions supporting telecommunications, broadcast and related markets, announced the launch of Artel Care, a multi-tiered services program including technical support, hardware and software coverage, and other service and support options.

The program complements Artel’s products by providing the service and support to assist customers in deploying and maintaining their investment in the brand’s media transport solutions. Artel Care’s Gold, Platinum, and Diamond service packages provide graduated levels of the company’s technical support, remote assistance, and troubleshooting; software updates and enhancements; hardware repair and replacement coverage; and other service-level commitments.

“The Artel Care services program enhances and protects our customers’ investments in our products and solutions and reduces unplanned expenses,” said Tony Morelli, Chief Revenue Officer at Artel. “Also, Artel Care provides them access to experienced engineers who understand the latest technologies and can resolve issues faster.”

With the transition from fiber to IP-based media transport solutions in the telco and broadcast markets and the growing requirements for broadcast-quality video in sports, government, higher education, and houses of worship applications, Artel Care is the company’s first program to meet this growing need.

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