Ardis Technologies’ to showcase shared storage solutions at 2016 NAB Show

Ardis Technologies, a manufacturer of DDP Ethernet SAN shared storage solutions, will showcase its vision of the future of storage at NAB 2016. Exhibiting under the product name, Dynamic Drive Pool (DDP), the company will demonstrate its microDDP10GbE as an example of all flash.
A scalable redundant DDP is an example of a hybrid solution. Also a setup combining three microDDP10GbEs into one DDP, Here, There and Elsewhere will be previewed (V5 software), which the company believes could be a better sharing alternative than collaborating via the cloud.


The microDDP10GbE is 1U, 10” deep, quiet performer that utilises little power. It weighs 5 kg making it easily portable. It currently comes with either 8 x 1 or 8 x 2 TB SSDs in Raid 5 with an effective capacity of 7 or 14 TB. It has dual 1GbE/RJ45 and dual 10GbE/RJ45 ports which can be used also as 1GbE. These 4 ports give a total bandwidth of 2.2 GBytes. A microDDP10GbE with capacity up to 60TB is offered by the company, upon request.
Coming to customisation, each DDP consists of a DDP base system that can be optionally filled with SSD or HD packs of different capacities and 1, 10, 40, 100 GbE network cards and ports. Other than the microDDP, each DDP can be flash, hybrid or all spindles. Packs or sets of packs show up as data locations just as DDP16EXR, DDP24EXR and DDP60EXR do when added. Data location selection is done via folder volumes. Folder volumes are folders with volume properties.

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