Accedo collaborates with Google Cloud

Accedo, a video experience pioneer, has collaborated with Google Cloud to provide media and entertainment companies ready access to a single, unified cloud platform to build, transform and grow their video experiences. Powered by Accedo Studio, media and entertainment companies of any size can move beyond templated apps and build customisable video experiences. They can create or update designs and navigations unique to their brand experience across multiple screens in the way that best suits their infrastructure and organisation. The cloud-based UX management capabilities of Accedo Studio make it easy for video channel managers and producers to tune the user experience that’s just right for every audience by configuring and testing apps in real time.

Through the Accedo and Google Cloud collaboration, Accedo is able to make those experiences dynamic, enabling media and entertainment companies to adapt the video experience according to a number of different factors, based on data gathered in real-time and to ultimately better monetise and manage their content.

“Google Cloud has an impressive track record when it comes to creating scalable media solutions, as well as in-depth knowledge about big data, AI and machine learning – all important assets for the future winners in the media landscape.”, said Fredrik Andersson, SVP, business development and partnerships.

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